International Students traveling to the USA every season to work with you

We have two main programs WORK AND TRAVEL ( 4 months) and INTERNSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM (12-18 months). So you can have the employees you need in any season. 


Work and Travel USA

The 4-month Work and Travel Program aims to meet the seasonal staffing needs of employers in the United States by recruiting internationals students to fill peak seasonal positions. J1Jobs.work recruits quality international employees for you at no cost, saving you time and money while adding diversity to your company.


Students start working in USA from December to March . Some eligible countries Perú, Brasil, Argentina

Commonly-Filled Positions: Holiday seasonal workers, Lift Operators, Parking Attendants, Food & Beverage, Rental Technician, Front Desk, Housekeeping, Concierge, Ski & Snowboard Instructors, Ticket Sellers, Retail, Spa Attendants, Lifeguards,  and many more.

Employers that are hiring J1 participants for 2018

Benefit of working


The Employer participate and hire as many employees at no cost.

Our company has 20 years of experience. We have four offices in Lima Perú which make easy for the participants and  partner offices and staff from Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and the US.


Native English Speakers conduct English evaluations.


An Account Manager assists you every step of the way. They are based in Latin America during recruiting months and make on-site visits during the season.

Our Participants are from top universities, and must attend a variety of orientations before travelling to the US.

Offices in Latin America allow us to work more closely with the US Consulate.

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Job Fairs

The most well-organized and professional Job Fairs in the market. Employers who commit to hiring more than 20 participants are invited to South America to conduct face-to-face interviews free of charge.

You hire them

They Travel

Video/Phone Interview

UNE the latest video conference software to conduct virtual interviews that are as close to the real thing as you can get. We also arrange structured phone interviews that fit your schedule.